Watson Lake Inn Private Dining

 At Watson Lake Inn Private Dining is a real culinary experience.

The busy winter season has arrived, sending us into a whirlwind of shopping sprees and social events. On top of all the preparation that you need to be prepared for the festivities, why add hours of prep, cooking, and cleanup to your list? Here are five reasons why Private Dining and entertaining can be easier when you host your next party at the Watson Lake Inn.

You can Customize the Menu with the Chef

The main advantage of managing the food on your own is to have total control over the menu. However, Watson Lake Inn is also extremely accommodating to your needs. There are no generic catering menus, our chef will customize your meal for your event. In addition, utilization of local and seasonal products, combined with house made specialties is our trademark. Combined with global flavors and cooking methods rest assured you are in for a culinary experience.

You Don’t Need To Set Anything Up

Isn’t that great news? Simply let our private dining team take care of the decorations before your event. After asking how many are in your party and what menu you want, we’ll then ask you if there’s a specific way you want your party set up. If you have any special decorations on hand, we’d be glad to take them in advance and set them up for you before the event.

You Can Relax

When you have a party at home or work, you can often spend the whole event running around to accommodate your guests. However, at Watson Lake Inn we will make sure that even hosts can sit back and enjoy the food and drinks without any worry about the event.

Choose Your Space

We have two semi-private areas for you to choose from. Whether you need a whole location buyout for your company, or a table for 8 to gather family or friends, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

You Don’t Have To Clean Up!

We saved the best for last. Nothing’s worse than having to spend hours to clean up after the party’s over. But when you book a party with us, we will gladly take care of the mess, leftovers, and other needs as part of the whole service package. Nothing feels better than knowing that you’re not stuck with hours of cleaning after everyone has gone home!

Private events are our specialty, and that’s why we have a sophisticated private dining team ready to book your next party. This year, why not take a break from fussing with the menu, decorations, seating, and tedious chores involved with a party? Instead, leave it to us at Watson Lake Inn to throw an amazing event that you and your guests will love.

If you are looking for a new way to celebrate Your Holiday Season with your family, look no further but pick up the phone and call us today, or book your Family Holiday Dinner with us here.

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Private Dining Tapas

Tapas – German Potato Cheese

Private Dining Brunch

Brunch Table Set

Private Dining Plated Dinner

Five Course Dinner Table

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