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Stay Local – Eat Local

At Watson Lake Inn we partner with local producers and growers, and strive to use Arizona products in season when flavor and quality is at its best.

Cabra Pequena, Skull Valley
Hayden Flour Mills, Queen Creek
L Bell Ranch, Skull Valley
Hassayampa Vineyards & Farm, Kirkland
Ramona Farms, Sacaton
Queen Creek Olive Mills, Queen Creek
Whipstone Farm, Paulden
Ridgeview Farms, Paulden
Windswept Acres, Chino Valley
The Honey Man, Black Canyon City
Da’Nede Farms, Camp Verde
Mina’s Farm, Camp Verde
Noguez Farm, Camp Verde
Granite Mountain Brewing
Thumb Butte Distillery, Prescott

In addition, we also proudly fabricate many items in house such as bakeries, jams, cheeses and charcuterie at the Inn.

The Watson Lake Inn

There are plenty of places to stay in the Prescott area.  Camping can be found at private parks, and several forest service parks as well.  Granite Basin, White Spar, Lynx Lake….  There are also plenty of lodging opportunities as well.  Hotels, motels, motor lodges, B&B’s.  What makes us stand out?

The Inn is located right in the Granite Dells.  A few miles outside of downtown Prescott, the Granite Dells are some pretty amazing rock formations that you have to see to believe.  And we’re nestled in right among the rocks.  And if that’s not enough, we also boast a world class Master Chef.  When we say we’re a “Bed and Breakfast” keep in mind that the breakfast part will be something you’ll remember for some time to come!

We’re happy and proud to be part of the Prescott community.  And we know you’ll enjoy your next stay with us.  So read on below, learn more about all the reasons you should visit Everybody’s Hometown, and then get in touch with us to plan your next visit.

Everybody’s Hometown – Prescott

So many places have slogans.  Big Sky Country, The Windy City, The Sunshine State…..  In the case of Prescott, the town’s slogan really has a lot of meaning behind it.  It is truly “Everybody’s Hometown.”

Surrounded by Forest Service Lands, complete with a historic downtown district, home to several museums and art galleries, recreational opportunities for all visitors….  There’s something for everyone in this town, and it really does feel like your hometown!  And now here we are.  The Watson Lake Inn.  Part of the city’s growing list of reasons to visit Prescott!


Watson Lake Inn supporting Local First Arizona Sharing COPI at the Farmers Market

Watson Lake Inn supporting Prescott Farmers Market

Watson Lake Inn supports Prescott Chamber Orchestra

Hello Copi Nice to eat you.

Hello Copi. Nice to eat you.

Granite Basin Prescott Arizona

Granite Mountain is a short drive across town. It’s a favorite for hiking, mountain biking, horseback rides, and rock climbing.

Working to create Prescott’s own Granite Dells Regional Park

Save the Dells

For people, wildlife, and our community. 

Save the Dells

Map of Proposed Regional Park

“Visit to sign up, take action, or make a donation”

Things to do and see

The tough part here is making sure we don’t write too much and completely overwhelm you.  You’ve got to understand, Prescott offers so much to visitors year round that listing it all would make for a super long web page.  So we’ll keep it to some favorite highlights for you.  And if you’d like to see a longer list of what’s in the area take a look at our neighbor’s listings.  We’re located close to Point of Rocks Campground, and they’ve been putting together a nice list of things to do in the area.

The Granite Dells

Our Bed and Breakfast is actually located in The Granite Dells. What does that mean? Well, if you walk out our door, or take a stroll on our porch you’ll see amazing rock formations all around the Inn. Looking out any of our room windows will lead you to some amazing views as well.

The Granite Dells offers two small lakes, Watson and Willow, where you can paddle among the rock formations, enjoy a shoreline stroll, of have an adventure on one of the many hiking trails.  Both lakes are just minutes from the Inn.  And we promise, you could spend days wandering the rock formations taking in the scenery!

Hikers from all over come to Prescott to enjoy the Granite Dells.  Mountain bikers too!  Kayakers enjoy paddling the lakes, watching wild life, and maybe even a little fishing.  Oh, and the Dells are part of the Prescott Circle Trail, which we’ll tell you more about below.

Granite Basin

A short drive across town will lead visitors to Granite Basin, a Forest Service site.  It’s a favorite location for adventurous hikes, amazing mountain bike rides, horseback rides, and world class rock climbing.  Climbers from all around the world seek out the amazing climbs in the Granite Basin area (not to mention the Dells as well).

Visitors don’t have to take a strenuous hike or ride if they don’t want to.  There are trails of all classes throughout the area.  Leisurely strolls are possible as well.  And like many other areas in Prescott, the new Circle Trail will take you through the area as well.

The Prescott Circle Trail

Recently the City of Prescott announced the new Circle Trail. It’s an amazing endeavor!  A loop around the Prescott area over 50 miles.  It leads through the Dells, Granite Basin, the Thumb Butte area, and more.  If you’re a hiking, running, or mountain biking enthusiast, the Circle Trail has much to offer. If you are looking to hike or run all or a portion of the Circle trail, check out the High-Altitude Training Institute. They offer daily excursions to help you make the most of your stay. Use coupon code WATSONINN and save 10% on the daily hiking outing.

Interestingly enough, The Watson Lake Inn is close to an access point on the Circle Trail.  You can use our location as your launching point to an adventure worthy of tales!