Thanksgiving – The Day After

Thanksgiving is the American Holiday.

The day after skillet

Ham and eggs, sprouts and squash skillet

This year Thanksgiving falls on Thursday, Nov 22nd. (the fourth Thursday in November) – the day before Black Friday. Thanksgiving Day traditionally kicks off the ‘holiday season’ in the United States. The day was set in stone by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1939 and approved by Congress in 1941. FDR changed it from Abraham Lincoln’s designation as the last Thursday in November (because there are sometimes five Thursdays in the month).

What to do the Day After

You spend days or even weeks to plan and execute the big family feast, and now that it its over, your fridge is loaded with left overs. What to do with all those items is a challenge for many. Here I would like to share some proven ideas with you:

Delicious Ways To make Breakfast or Lunch the day after

  1. Mix cranberry relish into oatmeal muffins:
  2. Or layer cranberries and nuts with granola and Greek yogurt:
  3. Stir cranberry relish into your steel cut oatmeal:
  4. Make savory breakfast sandwiches with leftover turkey, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce:
  5. Toss together a one-pan breakfast hash with Brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes:
  6. Or try turkey egg, cheese, and pepper skillet.
  7. Serve Poached eggs on pan fried stuffing with cranberry Hollandaise
  8. Whisk sweet potato puree into pancake batter and serve with cranberry relish.
  9. Make fritatta with shredded turkey, eggs, and leftover veggies you have on hand.
  10. Finish off leftover bread and pumpkin puree with a make-ahead breakfast stratta.
  11. Fry up a mashed potato pancakes and serve with lox.
  12. Top off turkey and sweet potatoes with fresh avocado and egg.
  13. Or dig into a turkey breakfast pizza topped with quail eggs.
  14. Make a cheesy ham-and-turkey melt on Croissant.
  15. Make a whole wheat wrap with Cranberry relish, turkey and squash.

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The day after oats

Steelcut oats, cranberry-orange Relish

The day after breakfast

Egg Ham Avocado and stuffing Croissant

The day after breakfast

Day old pumpkin bread




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