Watson Lake Inn Super host team

Super host Watson Lake Inn

Watson Lake Inn Super host team

Anna Claudia, Peter Aime’ and Daniel Gebauer

Watson Lake Inn Super host team

We are both pleased and humbled to have been awarded Super host status from Airbnb based on very positive reviews from our valued customers since we opeend the doors for business in March.

Super hosts are experienced hosts who provide a shining example for other hosts, and extraordinary experiences for their guests consistently; It highlights the people who are most dedicated to providing outstanding hospitality.

The team behind the Super host Success

From managing calendars and communication to welcoming guests, preparing rooms and public areas, preparing and serving meals, our hosts work hard to facilitate amazing travel experiences and human connections.

Aime is all things housekeeping related, with some help from Anna-Claudia, she also plants and grooms the expanding garden, and in the morning she is there to serve breakfast.

Daniel is our handyman and grounds keeper, and in addition he does dishes and trains in the kitchen.

Anna Claudia is our resident artist, whose paintings adorn many rooms on property; she helps her mom in the yard and when not training in the kitchen, does dishes too.

Peter is the chef and culinary coach, he also takes care of reservations, bookings and all things web based and social media. With Aime he reviews the marketing and financial plan frequently.

Collectively they are the team to make things happen, and to deliver a memorable guest experience here at Watson lake Inn.

We believe in supporting change through partnerships both inside and outside of Airbnb; Progress has the greatest impact when organizations with shared values work together to serve our community.

Watson Lake Inn bed & breakfast offers regional food with global inspired flavors and innovative presentations while supporting sustainable farming and fishing in Arizona. We change our offerings to capture local harvests throughout the year to include ingredients as they become available and provide their very best flavor; while our Cooking School is focused on guests’ education and entertainment for a well-rounded experience.

To learn more about us sign up for our newsletter and stay tuned of our progress here in the Granite Dells of Arizona.

Watson Lake Inn Bed and breakfast food

Breakfast – Its what we do best

Watson Lake Inn Prescott AZ Dinner is served

German inspired Dinner with Arizona products

Watson Lake Inn bed and breakfast culinary school Prescott aZ

“Where culinary pleasures and experiences become lifetime memories.”

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