Save the Dells

Save the Dells

Construction Site grading at Granite Dells Estates East, January 2018

What is Granite Dells?

The Granite Dells, commonly just called the Dells, is one of Arizona’s most stunning landscapes. This is Prescott’s most defining feature. This outcrop of 1.4 billion-year-old granite spires and domes is a mecca for wildlife watchers. Also liked by rock climbers, hikers, bikers, boaters, and families just out for a casual stroll on the Peavine and Iron King National Recreation Trails. The Peavine National Recreation Trail follows the former rail bed of the Santa Fe, Prescott and Phoenix Railway through the Granite Dells.  The City of Prescott features the Dells on their web page and has slowly acquired open space lands, appreciated by the public for many reasons.

Over development- an environmental issue

The Prescott Region is growing rapidly and is projected to add 25,000 more new homes over the next several decades. Growth is inevitable, and it supports our standard of living, but it needs to happen in a manner that enhances quality of life and protects what makes Prescott unique. A major developer is currently seeking annexation for a project of over a thousand homes in and around the heart of the Dells, potentially impacting almost 400 acres of rocky cliffs and canyons. The City should ask the developer to agree to protect in entirety this portion of the Dells as public open space.

Two other developments encroaching on the Dells are already approved (“The Granite Dells Estates” and “Jasper”). The Arizona Eco Development annexation will be decided by the Prescott City Council in 2018. The conceptual 850-acre “Homestead” development would bring roads, homes, and a high-end resort into the heart of the Dells – on both sides of the Peavine and Iron King Trails. If approved by the City, this development would encompass almost 400 acres of completely undeveloped, rocky and rugged Dells landscape treasured by our community.

Save the Dells – Granite Dells Regional Park

“Save the Dells” is a grassroots group of Prescott-area volunteers committed to preserving the iconic Granite Dells landscape as permanently protected public open space for the benefit of wildlife, for our quality of life, and for a sustainable economy. The group supports the idea of a Granite Dells Regional Park because it establishes a lasting legacy for our community, provides economic benefits and quality of life consistent with Prescott’s values. Natural parkland enhances property values for the Prescott community while attracting significant tourism dollars.

A 2017 poll published by The Prescott Daily Courier shows that 58% of respondents felt the Dells is the heart of the community and should be preserved.

Destination Watson Lake Inn Bed & Breakfast

Two years ago when we searched for a property suitable for our bed & breakfast we evaluated many properties in the Quad City area and Yavapai County – in the end it came down to two properties. The deciding factor was the stunning landscape and abundant wild life of the Dells what convinced us to acquire the log home on Highway 89, to set out to build a unique and sustainable business. As good corporate citizens, we support the community we live in and especially any efforts to preserve the Dells.

Visitors to the Prescott area have many good lodging options; but when staying with us at Watson Lake Inn, you set up your ideal base camp to explore the Granite Dells beauty, fueled by an incredible breakfast which takes you on a global voyage of culinary discovery, and keeps you going all day.

Watson Lake Inn – “Where culinary pleasures and experiences become lifetime memories.”

Get involved and support “Save the Dells” here.


Sun rising over the dells

Rainbow over Willow Lake

Javelina roaming around outside the property

Winter in the Granite Dells

Save the Dells

Sunset view from Watson Lake Inn Dining Room

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  1. My name is SeonaCherie Sande. I want to ask if the SaveTheDells effort has thought about contacting the Nature Conservancy?
    Their mission is to save lands and waters and they might help your effort.
    Address: 7600 N. St
    Suite 100

    Phone: 602 322-6998

    SeonaCherie Sande
    480 225-6453

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