April 6- Cheese Making – Fresh Mozzarella


Cheese making Mozzarella and Ricotta

This is our most popular class where you can learn essential fundamentals about home cheese making.

  • Learn about raw vs. pasteurized milk used in cheese making.
  • The function of enzymes in cheese making
  • Learn about heat treatment.
  • In this class you will learn how to make fresh Mozzarella, America’s most popular cheese.
  • We will make Ricotta with store bought pasteurized hormone free milk.
  • Distinguish and sample a variety of sweet and savory applications.

Cheese is an ancient food.  The origin predates recorded history; the earliest evidence of cheese making had been found in Egyptian tombs, dating to about 2000 BC. The earliest cheeses were likely to have been quite sour and salty, similar in texture to rustic cottage cheese and feta. The Romans began to make hard cheeses for their legionaries’ supplies.

At Watson Lake Inn, Executive Chef Peter Gebauer, AAC, WCMC, GMC shares his experience and knowledge in cheese making with the class attendants.

We proudly offer you an exclusive opportunity to feast on a selection of fresh cheeses, handcrafted from hormone free milk and cream over the last couple of days.

Class Type / Format / Cost: Cooking Techniques / Hands-On

$85 individual /Group 4-6 at 10% discount

Instructor(s): Chef Gebauer AAC, WCMC. GMC
Date & Time: April 6, 2019 at 11.00 AM

Includes all ingredients, recipes, pictures and a sampling of the cheeses prepared today.

Also included is a copy of “My Culinary Academy”–  a $ 26.00 value.

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Booking a class for a group? You'll receive 10% off for a group of 4 to 6 members


This is our most popular cheese making class,  Cheese Making – Fresh mozzarella in 30 minutes!

Minimum of 2 and A maximum of 6 students are allowed for this class.

The class focuses on cheese making basics. Chef Gebauer, AAC, WCMC, GMC will take you on a different culinary journey preparing fresh cheeses and introduce you to various applications. If you enjoyed this particular class, you may be interested in attending subsequent classes in the future. Every class will end with a sampling of the cheeses made with your fellow students.

Registrations are made on first-come, first-served basis. Some classes will not be available for online registration. Registrations must be canceled 72 hours in advance for a refund. Watson Lake Inn reserves the right to cancel classes not meeting enrollment standards, to change recipes, or to substitute instructors.