More than cooking classes Watson Lake Inn Bed and Breakfast Prescott Arizona

More Than Cooking Classes

More than cooking classes Watson Lake Inn Bed and Breakfast Prescott Arizona

Century Plant nearby overshadows Watson Lake Inn

We are now in our fourth month of operation here at Watson Lake Inn bed & breakfast, becoming known for More Than Cooking Classes. The Watson Lake Inn Cooking School, initially designed to give our guests a learning kitchen experience, practice, and have fun while doing so, is progressing very well.

With the cooking classes we have had some definite hits like cheese making, roasting and grilling, the latter being very timely for the summer season, but also a few “sleepers” which we will put on the back burner for now. And we have had many requests for others topics, for example baking and pastries (high altitude baking may require modified recipes), we will add these to the calendar in the near future. In addition to classes, we have already done more dinners (plated, family style and small plates) for house guests than anticipated, from Italian to Hindu, Mediterranean and Latin to German menus, just to name a few.

While the summer is in full swing, we are focusing on our core business, the lodging at a very unique property and location, with stellar breakfast offerings. “Our guests’ experience begins each morning with a breakfast that is both locally inspired and locally sourced. A selection of homemade breads and jams, cereal and fruit is followed by a composed dish of the day, cooked to order. Most of the time we offer a choice of chicken or duck eggs from nearby farms, produce from the market, and herbs grown on property.  It means so much to us to support our local growers and our guests truly appreciate the effort and the results.

And as the word of our outstanding food and beverage offerings travel, we receive more and more inquiries and requests for special events and catering on and off property.

We are ready to entertain any requests for particular classes you may have in mind, family reunion or other special occasions, interactive dinner for friends or ladies night out, just to name a few, all you have to do is contact us on our website, by phone or email.

More Than Cooking Classes – we may have accomplished culinary talent appearing as guest chefs for dinners, partnering with local growers, wine makers and brewers.

When you’re coming to a destination like Prescott you’ve got a lot of options for lodging; but staying at Watson Lake Inn, you can rest assured to start your day eating breakfast like a king, second to none in the area – come give us a try this summer.

Watson Lake Inn – “Where culinary pleasures and experiences become lifetime memories.”


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