Happy Easter

Happy Easter

What’s the meaning of Easter?

Happy Easter

Decorated Cake for the occasion

Easter, also called Pascha (Greek, Latin) or Resurrection Sunday is a holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. Described in the New Testament as having occurred on the third day of his burial after his crucifixion by the Romans. More about Easter here.

 How Easter is celebrated round the World.

Whilst in many countries Easter eggs are hidden and children hunt for them, in Germany Easter eggs are displayed on trees and prominently in streets, with some of the trees having thousands of colored eggs hanging on them.  Dating back to the early 19th century, it involves children rolling a colored hard-boiled egg with a large serving spoon.

Where does the bunny come from?

The Easter Bunny is a popular legendary anthropomorphic Easter gift-giving character analogous to Santa Claus in American culture. Many people follow the tradition of and giving baskets of candy. On Easter Monday, the President of the United States holds an annual Easter egg roll on the White House lawn for young children

Celebrate Easter at Watson Lake Inn

This year at our brunch we start off with hot cross buns and other house made bakeries & jam, muesli, ricotta stuffed French Toast, ham and smoked salmon, including your favorite beverage to name a few. Stay local – eat local at Watson Lake Inn and choose from one of our four suites for your stay in the Granite Dells. Indulge in a memorable experience and culinary discovery. And now you can experience a natural room which protects you! An indoor environment in harmony with nature through Memon technology that works in many ways. Holistic comfort that our guests can feel!

 Happy Easter.

Watson Lake Inn – “Where culinary pleasures and experiences become lifetime memories.

Traditional Hot Cross Buns

Roast Lamb is a tradition in many countries

Colored Eggs – Ready to Roll…

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