Holiday Season

Fall in the Dells

Cranberry Season coincides with…Fall in the Dells

Fall in the Dells

This Seasons First batch of cranberry relish…

Cranberries are unlike any other fruit in the world. The last week in September marks the start of the Cranberry Harvest Season which lasts until the end of October in Wisconsin, the largest producer of the berry. All around the globe, the cranberry plays an important role in different holiday traditions and it is also a great contributor for a healthier way of life.

Local produce and foods at Watson Lake Inn

Here at Watson Lake Inn Bed & Breakfast we just made our first batch of Cranberry Relish yesterday. – Yes despite the fact the berry is not a local plant in Arizona, we are featuring cranberries for breakfast, dinner and more -dried and fresh- for pancakes, scones and quick breads and seasonal condiments, such as our famous four ingredient all natural cranberry orange relish. This is also the time when we set to cure meats to be dried and processed.

Get ready for the Holidays

Celebrate at Watson Lake Inn

We know you’ve got many options for lodging; but staying with us at Watson Lake Inn, you will indulge in a memorable experience and culinary discovery. In addition, now you can experience a natural room which protects you! An indoor environment in harmony with nature through Memon the unique technology that works in many ways. – Holistic comfort that our guests can feel! Choose from one of our four suites for your stay with us in the Granite Dells.

Watson Lake Inn – “Where culinary pleasures and experiences become lifetime memories.

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Fall in the Dells

Steel cut oats Cranberry-orange Relish

Fall in the Dells

Mozzarella and butternut squash


Fall in the Dells

Watson Lake in the Fall


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