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Cheese Making – Fresh mozzarella

The Watson Lake Inn 3155 N. State Route 89, Prescott

Cheese Making - Learn how to make fresh mozzarella in 30 minutes Join Executive Chef Peter Gebauer, AAC, WCMC, GMC  in the kitchen at Watson Lake Inn, as he shares his experience and knowledge in cheese making with the class attendants. This is our most popular class where you can learn essential fundamentals about home cheese making. Learn about raw vs pasteurized ...


Cooking Technique Sautéing

The Watson Lake Inn 3155 N. State Route 89, Prescott

COOKING TECHNIQUE – SAUTÉING The cooking technique known as sautéing is a high-heat cooking method used primarily with portion-sized cuts of tender meat, fish, and poultry. Predominantly a range-top cooking method, sautéed items, especially larger cuts such as chicken breasts or tournedos of beef, may need to be finished in the oven, covered or uncovered. On the stove top, all ...


Culinary Demo at Prescott Farmers Market

Prescott Farmers Market Prescott

Farmers Market Culinary Demo Chef Peter Gebauer, AAC WCMC GMC and the Watson Lake Inn team will be at the Prescott Farmers market with a Culinary Demo featuring a signature dish from the Watson Lake Inn menu. Please stop by to learn about Watson Lake Inn and watch as chef prepares a Signature Dish for sampling. Attendees will learn the ...


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