A Culinary School In Prescott?

Prescott is well known for a host of activities, events, and recreational opportunities.  Visitors come from far and wide to visit “Everybody’s Hometown.”  And now there’s a new addition to reasons to visit Prescott.  Watson Lake Inn’s Cooking School! Chef Peter Gebauer AAC WCMC GMC offers both private sessions and group classes for anyone interested in expanding their culinary skills.  From basic classes to advanced, Chef Gebauer looks forward to sharing his secrets and techniques with guests at the Watson Lake Inn Bed and Breakfast.  For those staying in the Prescott area, and for residents as well, Chef Gebauer welcomes you. You don’t have to stay at the B&B in order to take a class or two.  Everyone is welcome! Classes are meant to entertain, amuse, and inspire you, giving you the confidence no matter what you’re cooking up. Our classes cover a world of cuisines and trendy topics.  If you’re in the area for a few days, and would like to learn more, we’ll find a way to help you learn everything you’d like to know about.


A Sample Class With Chef Gebauer

Have you ever wondered how hard it would be to make your own fresh Mozzarella at home? In this sample video from Chef Gebauer you’ll find out that it’s very easy. This is part of his introductory class on cheese making!

As the video goes on you’ll notice a flash now and then.  As we were making the video we were also photographing the chef for The Watson Lake Inn’s new website!

Call 1-262-899-0200 to learn more about our Culinary School

About Watson Lake Inn Cooking School

Watson Lake Inn Cooking School is a natural progression of cooking schools and programs Chef Gebauer had developed and operated in his earlier career throughout the US and the Far East. “As chefs and professionals, we have an obligation to not only educate our employees, but our guests as well, tackling the issues at stake, getting involved and be part of the solution.”

Watson Lake Inn Cooking School is designed to give our customers a kitchen to learn, practice, and have fun in. Our classes are meant to entertain, amuse, and inspire you, giving you confidence no matter what you’re cooking up. Our classes cover a world of cuisines and trendy topics, a baker’s dozen of techniques, special seasonal topics, and even guest appearances by celebrity chefs—TV stars, cookbook authors, and local restaurateurs. You can even schedule private, customized classes for special occasions from showers to birthdays to company team-building events.

Dinner is the show.

Looking for a fun day or night out? Look no further than our demonstration-style cooking classes. Sit back, relax, and enjoy as our chefs and staff prepare delicious dishes before your eyes—complete with tips and tales from kitchens they have known. Then, enjoy being served each course of what’s on the menu. And take home the recipes to try yourself. Enjoy great food and great fun for one great price. Contact Chef at 262-899-0200 to discuss options.

Experience A Class With Us

Our cooking classes are a great way to:
– Enjoy a team building experience with co-workers
– Have fun with the girls for a bridal shower or Bachelorette party
– Have a family reunion; Fun date, etc.

After you are all done you get to enjoy your creations together.

Classes last approximately two hours and are held at:
Watson Lake Inn at 3155 N State Route 89.
All ingredients and recipes will be provided by the instructor.
Private classes for groups of 4-8 or more are available upon request, please contact us for more information, or call 262-899-0200

Unable to attend a class with Chef Gebauer?

You’re in luck.  Chef Gebauer has several published works.  And he has more coming out in the near future as well.

“Street Food and Spare Parts, Is now available in the Kindle Store.  It is available* for customers to pre-order here.

If you enjoyed “Omnivores Travel”, you will look forward to the chef’s next publication. Much more than a cookbook, “Street food & Spare parts” delves into the rich geographical, historical, and cultural roles of unusual meats, often times featured by street vendors. Chef Gebauer’s enthusiasm for this subject, evident through his extensive travels around the world is contagious, and with his insight and humor will entice even the squeamish to the pleasure of street food and spare parts. Serious food lovers will delight in the sheer variety of the dishes that await, ranging from simple to challenging:

  • Columbian Arepas and Peruvian Causa – Potato cheese and sour lung stew from Bavaria
  • Kibbeh and Falafel from the Middle East – Char Kway Teow and sate from Malaysia to name a few
  • Asian carp, snake head and crickets may well be protein of the future…

In a world of industrial meat processing and marketing convenient but costly prime cuts, it’s easy to forget about the more economical, but less lovable parts of the beast—brains, cheeks, combs, gizzards, hearts, hocks, kidneys, lungs, marrow, shanks, spleens, tongues, testicles, and, oh yes, grass hoppers, worms, armadillos, Asian carp and snake head…

Historically, some of these cheaper cuts and organ meats have a regular place with street food vendors, and in fact, many are considered delicacies and routinely appear in regional specialties. So why do we waste valuable protein? When have our sensibilities become so squeamish? When did we decide offal had become awful and corn fed beef and CAFO raised chicken and pork is the way to go?
Besides restoring our respect for the whole animal, developing a taste for its lesser known parts, the reader will learn how to utilize unusual protein in the kitchen as confidently as a brat or chicken breast.

Also available at bookstores and online are:

  • Culinary Academy Peter Gebauer Master ChefMy Culinary Academy, is a comprehensive text book for progressive culinary training and development of entry level cooks who wish to progress in their career.
    The book is a very clear, easy-to-understand overview of many of the basic topics and techniques that culinary students need to know to begin their professional development in the kitchen.
    The author’s expertise in teaching comes through clearly in the straightforward, well-written descriptions of techniques, ingredients, and culinary terminology. The recipes are appealing, well written, and approachable.
    It is also a recount on chefs many years of coaching and training with detailed instructions and contains advanced topics from sustainable food sources to sushi fabrication and artisanal cheese making.
    Current consumer trends are explored as well as the future in the ever changing food service industry as it evolves with increasing speed.
    It is a valuable reference for culinary professionals and educators as well as foodies.

  • Cooking Book from Peter Gebauer Prescott Arizona B&BOmnivore’s Travel is a compelling tale of a passionate chef and traveler, a delectable smorgasbord of bizarre food experiences and provocative cultural history. From a humble childhood beginning in Germany, apprenticeship in a boutique hotel, sailing around the world working onboard luxury cruise lines, taking on positions in Hong Kong, the Middle East, Germany and the Caribbean, illustrating some wild experiences while building a culinary career, becoming certified master chef, and eventually taking on leadership roles with some of the most reputable companies in the U.S. This book provides insight on the current challenges and trends in the food service industry, for the fellow cook, novice and traveler.