Watson Lake Inn Charcuterie Chef Gebauer


Watson Lake Inn Charcuterie Chef Gebauer


Charcuterie is part of the garde manger chef‘s repertoire.

Originally intended as a way to preserve meat before the advent of refrigeration, Charcuterie are prepared today for their flavors derived from the preservation processes. In a world of Industrial meat processing and marketing convenient but costly prime cuts, it’s easy to forget about the more economical, but less lovable parts of the beast—brains, cheeks, combs, gizzards, hearts, hocks, kidneys, lungs, marrow, shanks, spleens, tongues, testicles?

Our Vision at Watson Lake Inn Bed & Breakfast includes artisanal products made in-house by Chef Gebauer AAC WCMC GMC, including cheese, bread and jams; curing bacon, pancetta, and air-dried meats and make sausages.

Watson Lake Inn food & beverage offers regional food with global inspired flavors and innovative presentations while supporting sustainable farming and fishing. We change our offerings to capture local harvests throughout the year to include ingredients as they become available and provide their very best flavor. We are looking for ways to integrate not only local foods in our creations but also other unique ideas. In our efforts to become more considerate of our environment, we are planning to add Xeriscape landscape on property, a green house and a chicken coop to satisfy our guests needs. We continue to  focus on culinary education and seek out more opportunities to be more considerate to the world we live in and be supportive to the community.

When you’re visiting Prescott you’ve got a lot of options for lodging; but staying at Watson Lake Inn, you can rest assured to start your day with great food and service;  and close to all the action – come give us a try this fall.

To learn more about us sign up for our newsletter and stay tuned of “what’s cooking” at Watson Lake Inn Prescott, Arizona.

Watson Lake Inn – “Where culinary pleasures and experiences become lifetime memories.”

Watson Lake Inn Charcuterie Chef Gebauer

Jellied stuffed pigs head

Charcuterie bacon

Bacon curing

Watson Lake Inn Charcuterie

Bresaola ready to cure

Watson Lake Inn Charcuterie Chef Gebauer

Parma Style Ham

Watson Lake Inn Charcuterie Chef Gebauer

Pickled lungs and bread dumplings

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