Bed & Breakfast Etiquette

Watson Lake Inn Breakfast AZTVIf it’s your first time at a bed & breakfast, the following simple tips will help you have a smooth, relaxing stay. Here’s everything you need to know about being the best guest ever.

What guests should tell the hosts in advance?

Many B&Bs offer services and amenities specially tailored to the needs of individual guests. But it’s crucial to communicate your needs and expectations before your stay. Tell your hosts about any dietary restrictions, food allergies, room preferences, and special requests you might have. If you have physical limitations, ask if your room is handicap-accessible.  Are you celebrating? Many innkeepers will happily help you plan for an anniversary or birthday, as long as you inform them in advance. At Watson Lake Inn we are known to be able to customize your stay to your personal occasion.

 Late for check-in?

Communicate your arrival and departure times. Flights get delayed. Traffic jams happen. Innkeepers are well aware of the uncertainties of travel. It’s okay if you’re late for check-in, but the important thing is to touch base with your hosts when there’s a change in plans. Before you leave, make sure you have the contact information for your B&B.

Spilled something in the room?

Accidents happen. Be up front and honest so that it can be immediately taken care of. Especially if it is red wine, the sooner the better.”

Trip-planning advice on what to see and do.

One of the best B&B benefits is the personalized travel advice on offer from extremely knowledgeable innkeepers. Few people know their home base better than B&B owners, and they can provide an insider’s know-how combined with years of experience helping travelers explore their surroundings.

Do observe the house rules.

House rules may vary from one place to another, they are established for the comfort, privacy and security of all guests and your host. Please read those and adhere to.

More good tips for what not to do at a bed and breakfast.

  • Don’t Be Shy. One of the best parts about staying at an inn is that you can really get to know the innkeeper and other tenants.
  • Don’t Miss Breakfast. … Unlike those continental breakfasts at chain hotels that consist of pre-packaged pastries and sugary cereals, you can expect a delicious homemade meal.
  • Don’t Stay Pent Up in Your Room. … When you stay you’re encouraged to make the place feel like a home. Do explore the other parts of the inn and surroundings, relax.
  •  Don’t Be Too Loud. … Although you are encouraged to make yourself at home, there is an unspoken rule that you should be more respectful of the noise you create within the house.
  • Don’t Forget to Tip…definitely tip housekeeping if they are tidying your room each day. If the bed and breakfast has an on-site restaurant, leave a tip for your server. … Sometimes innkeepers will leave an envelope in your room as a subtle reminder to leave a tip!

When you stay at Watson Lake Inn

Watson Lake Inn is a hybrid concept, an owner occupied bed & breakfast combined with a cooking school. Operated by Master Chef Peter Gebauer, AAC, WCMC, GMC, and his wife Aimé; who personally see to it that your stay is comfortable. Choose from one of our four suites for your stay in the Granite Dells. We know you’ve got many options for lodging; but staying with us at Watson Lake Inn, you will indulge in a memorable experience and culinary discovery. In addition, now you can experience a natural room which protects you! An indoor environment in harmony with nature through Memon the unique technology that works in many ways. Holistic comfort that our guests can feel!

And here is a short list of innkeepers pet peeves.

Watson Lake Inn – “Where culinary pleasures and experiences become lifetime memories.

Do not miss the breakfast

Watson Lake Inn Bed and Breakfast Chef Gebauer at AZTV

At AZTV – Prescott

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