Art at Watson Lake Inn

Art at Watson Lake Inn by AC

Anna with some of her work at the Inn

Anna Claudia Gebauer is a young and promising talent, who achieved popularity with friends and classmates early on. She is self-thought painter using vibrant colors in a style that was influenced by nature’s seasons for her Art at Watson Lake Inn.

Anna got her first experience in 3rd grade with pencil drawings and still continues to do so, her latest one being the “cave drawing” which she did in the fall of 2017. Acrylic paint on canvas is her preferred medium and her favorites to date are the “Copa’s” and “Koi Carp” she did a couple of years ago.

Many of her works are inspired by nature, especially seasons; and animals because she has a great passion for those. On occasions she also works with other mediums such as oil pastel, with “The Polar Bear” being one great example of her talents. AC feels happy when she is at her desk to work on the next creation, but at times she gets frustrated tense if the work does not progresses as she likes it.

Anna Claudia Gebauer was born 2003 in Nashville Tennessee. Her father, Peter Gebauer was born in Germany and moved to the US in 1990 to pursue his hospitality career. Anna’s mother, Aime’ Reyes Montes moved to the US from Mexico. Anna’s parents relocated to Nashville, Tennessee and were married shortly after they arrived, in later years they moved to Germantown, Wisconsin when Anna was only nine month old.

Art at Watson Lake Inn

Anna Claudia is the “resident artist” at Watson Lake Inn Bed & breakfast, where much of her work is displayed. Currently she is working on a couple of pieces for Valentine’s Day.

To check out some of Anna’s work please follow this link.

When planning your Prescott retreat, you’ve got many lodging options; but when you stay with us at Watson Lake Inn, you will indulge in a memorable experience and culinary discovery while getting to know our resident artist first hand.

Watson Lake Inn – “Where culinary pleasures and experiences become lifetime memories.”

Flowers and trees by AC Gebauer

Flowers and trees


Art at Watson Lake Inn AC Gebauer

Chalk it up Prescott 2017

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