History of the Culinary Academy

The Culinary Academy was developed by Chef Peter Gebauer, AAC, WCMC, GMC shortly after his arrival at the casino in 2006; designed to be relevant to the business, supportive to future departmental growth while improving career prospects and retention through a dynamic and innovative learning environment.

As chefs and professionals, we have an obligation to not only educate our employees, but our guests as well, tackling the issues at stake, getting involved and be part of the solution. Therefore as first of the “advanced curriculum” we developed the “Sustainable Foods” class, taking a critical position on our controversial food supply, advocating healthy eating habits and responsible business practices.

Chef Team building event with Peter Gebauer

HACCP Workshop with the health department

HACCP Workshop with the health department

HACCP Workshop Attendees

We must open the doors of opportunity. But we must also equip our people to walk through those doors”.

Lyndon B. Johnson

Culinary Academy Faculty with Chef GebauerThank-you very much for allowing me to attend the work shop last week. I am very impressed with your operation!  I do not inspect anything so large scale so even aside from the cook-chill activities it was a great learning opportunity for me.

The staff was very knowledgeable and welcoming.  Overall, the atmosphere was professional and I appreciate the handout materials. I think you could keep yourselves very busy – this was a very good workshop and I know many, many other inspectors would love to attend!”

Sarah K. Ward, R.S.

Waukesha County Environmental Health