Watson Lake Inn has many ways of French Toast

About dah French Toast

Watson Lake Inn has many ways of French Toast

A French Toast Feast

On a weekend morning when you spend time with the family, few things are better than a plate of French toast and a cup of coffee. ‘French toast’ is known by a variety of names including ‘German toast’, ‘eggy bread’, ‘French-fried bread’, ‘gypsy toast’, ‘Poor Knights of Windsor’, ‘Spanish toast’, ‘nun’s toast’, and ‘pain perdu’ which means ‘lost bread’ in French.

Here at Watson Lake Inn, French toast is a staple on our menu, but it comes in many ways as we strive to never serve the same dish twice during our guests stay, regardless how long they may lodge with us (and some do 8 days and more) stay, unless the patron requested it. Bread types range from brioche and challah to multigrain, sour dough or whole wheat just to name a few; we may have it stuffed with house made mascarpone and peaches in season; coated with oats; or plain and simple.

The way we see it, there are really only two dishes worth indulging in at the breakfast table: an ample stack of pancakes or a big plate of French toast. And of course, both of those should be served with a side of maple syrup — 100% PURE – the real stuff only.

While we’re fans of all breakfast options, French toast recipes have an edge over others because it takes a not-so-appetizing ingredient, stale bread, and turns it into something we never want to stop eating. That’s pretty impressive. French toast does not originate in France as its name would suggest; its predecessor can be traced to the Ancient Romans around 300 AD.

No matter how it’s prepared, be it simple or elaborate; sweet or savory — I would like to share my favorites with you below; to help get your mornings off to a great start.

My top ten:

  1. Stacked and fluffy
  2. Peach & mascarpone stuffed
  3. Oatmeal crusted
  4. Ham & Cheese stuffed aka “Monte Christo”
  5. Skillet Baked and topped with streusel
  6. Muffin Bites
  7. Savory cheddar-rosemary country bread
  8. Three onions & pepper
  9. Crispy pancetta and sage
  10. Ricotta stuffed


While maple syrup and butter are the most common accompaniments to this delicious, simple breakfast, French toast can be a dish that’s open to lots of experimentation. Pure Maple syrup or Shagbark Hickory, Agave syrup or house made prickly pear; Cherry glaze or orange-ginger are just a few we may feature here at Watson Lake Inn’s breakfast for the kings.


For final touch and to add flavor, texture and depth, we may  reach to nuts, Granola, Dried fruits, Chocolate or even herbs such as sage, chives, mint and more.

Let’s eat.

When you’re visiting Prescott you’ve got a lot of options for lodging; but staying at Watson Lake Inn, you can rest assured to start your day with great food and service;  and close to all the action – come give us a try this summer.

Watson Lake Inn – “Where culinary pleasures and experiences become lifetime memories.”


Cherry Frech Toast Breakfast Watson Lake Inn

Multigrain and cherry glace, hazelnuts

Monte Christo Breakfast Watson Lake Inn

Monte Christo, Wild Boar Sausage, Pepper Coulis

Prescott Arizona Bed and Breakfast Early Morning

Breakfast is a unique experience at the Watson Lake Inn

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